God Can Reach Out in a Canteen, Too

Christian Ministry staff Wee Lian Kuanh has seen God touch lives in unexpected places.

Lian Kuanh, who came to Christ when he was a student, now reaches out to students as a Christian Ministry staff.

For many students, the school canteen is a place to eat, hang out with friends, and take a break from lessons. Yet God has been reaching out and touching lives even here, in several schools.

Students have been picking up evangelistic booklets about stress, loneliness, life’s purpose, and bullying, and finding comfort in biblical truths that they can apply to their lives. Some have turned to Christian Ministry staff Wee Lian Kuanh and his team, who are always ready to listen, address questions, and pray with those needing support.

“Some canteen operators and teachers also came by to take the booklets,” he says.

Lian Kuanh and his colleagues have also seen God turning hearts to Himself at school events and programmes like Religious Emphasis Week, Christian Fellowship meetings, chapel sessions, and discipleship classes.

“Some have come to believe in Jesus Christ, some have said they are interested to learn more about Christianity, and some Christians have re-dedicated themselves to God,” he reports.

As he interacts with students and journeys with them through their doubts, struggles, and victories, Lian Kuanh is continually amazed to see God touching young lives in a world increasingly dominated by scepticism and relativism.

“Sometimes we have non-Christians join us regularly at Christian Fellowship meetings, as they find the environment positive and the people friendly and genuine,” he says. Former students, he adds, have even told them that they miss the chapel sessions, and about how, during difficult times in their lives, they had been helped by recalling certain songs or messages they had heard in school.

“It has been my privilege and joy to see them grow in their faith, some stepping out and stepping up in faith to serve out of their comfort zone,” he says.

Such stories not only encourage Lian Kuanh to keep serving, but also remind him of the power of God to change lives, wherever they’re at.

Lian Kuanh meets students for discipleship in school, where he shares about God’s Word and encourages them in Bible study.

A Personal Call

Lian Kuanh himself has experienced the hand of God personally in his life.

Growing up in a family that followed traditional beliefs and practices, he had little exposure to Christianity. But he came to hear about Jesus after he joined the Boys’ Brigade—which his parents encouraged, thinking that it would keep him “out of trouble”.

A year later, at the age of 12, he attended a gospel rally organised by the Boys’ Brigade 25th Company, and that was when he gave his heart to Christ. Many years later, having gone on to a successful career, Lian Kuanh would remember this moment when he heard God calling him to go into full-time ministry.

“Having someone tell me about Jesus Christ at a young age and having that Christian community I experienced in the Boys Brigade 25th Company as I was growing up, gave me a sense of purpose and calling to make Jesus Christ known to the younger generation and to journey with them as they live as Christ’s disciples.”

After serving at several churches and Christian organisations, Lian Kuanh started work as a Christian Ministry staff in 2019, and was deployed to various schools to work with students. His ministry, as he puts it, includes connecting with students, parents, and staff to show God’s love and care; communicating God’s truth from the Bible in conversations and at chapel and devotion sessions, discipleship class, Christian Fellowship meetings, and parents’ prayer groups; and coordinating these ministry activities.

Through all these events, Lian Kuanh has seen God touching hearts in many ways, not just through these interactions, but also through all sorts of biblical resources that they share with the students.

Lian Kuanh has seen God working in the lives of both believers as well as seekers in school. He uses biblical resources such as those produced by Our Daily Bread Ministries to share about God’s wisdom, mercy, and love.

Printed booklets and online articles from Our Daily Bread Ministries, for example, helped them to share the good news with those who wanted to find out more after attending “Religious Emphasis Week” and other Christian ministry events.

And Bible study and devotional resources, such as YMI’s devotional readings on James and Philippians, have helped the students understand God’s Word better as they ask questions about life and discover their true purpose.

“The materials are relatable and practical, and are written in a tone that is welcoming and inviting,” he notes. “And the YMI resources are very good for youths, as they are written by Christian young persons who have themselves struggled with real-life issues in the midst of faithfully living out their Christian faith.”

Watching God work in the lives of young people, he adds, has been an enriching and inspiring experience. And he is ever thankful for God’s calling and provision to serve in this ministry.

“It is a privilege to serve in the advancement of Christ’s kingdom, something that has eternal significance,” he says, “and knowing that the God who calls is also the God who provides.”

We thank God for enabling us to produce biblical resources such as YMI Reading Philippians used in Lian Kuanh’s ministry, to inspire and encourage young adults.

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