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Do you spend time daily reading God’s word? 12-year old Asher does.

Every day, Asher reads the Bible using two devotionals: Our Daily Bread, and Give Us This Day for kids aged 7-12. Last year, he started reading through the Bible using the one-year Bible reading plan in Our Daily Bread.

Give Us This Day was what Asher was looking for—to read for biblical inspiration.

He loves the stories in the devotionals, as they help him to understand the principles behind the daily Bible passages. He can even tell you the outline of his favourite Give Us This Day story!

Asher’s favourite verse is John 3:16. He believes that God calls him to share and care for others, because God loves him.

When Asher was younger, his mother Xiuling would read the children’s Bible with him every day, and it became a habit for him. 

She now does the same with John, her youngest son, while Asher and his older brother Zachary read the Bible on their own.

The Fun Family

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