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Picture: An illustration of the author's family portrait sits on the sideboard.

What is the one wish you hope to see fulfilled in your life?

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Picture: A concept imagery, containing a deck of cards laid out. Each card displays an item which is something people strive for in life, such as credit cards, cash, cars, condominiums, etc.

First of 10 specially-selected Our Daily Bread articles, written by Singaporean authors.

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Comfort from God’s word and practical tips
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Comfort from God’s word and practical tips
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Guard against false teachers and teachings.

Picture: A mother teaches her young daughter on saving money. There is a money jar and piles of coins on the table.

Guiding your kids on explaining God’s purpose on money.

Picture: A staff photograph of Our Daily Bread Ministries chinese editorial team

A volunteer Chinese reviewer of Our Daily Bread takes on the challenge to serve God.

Picture: A boy and a girl go to school together. This illustration is for a prayer guide to suit up your child.

A prayer guide to use to suit up your child.

A graphical illustration of a woman resting her head on her arm, appearing down and out.

An honest reflection.

We’re looking for young people to serve with us on a short-term basis.