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Picture: An illustration of the author's family portrait sits on the sideboard.

What is the one wish you hope to see fulfilled in your life?

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Picture: Two members of the Boy's Brigade in Singapore help to carry boxes containing various items for donation.

Reflecting on how we can be generous towards those in need.

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Be encouraged to reach others for Christ
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Be encouraged to reach others for Christ
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Picture: A portrait of Day Day and her family. Day Day's daughter, Louise, smiles gleefully at the camera.

A couple discover comfort in the wake of their daughter’s passing.

Picture: Louise Lee holds up a copy of her book, titled A Sheepy Adventure.

Louise Lee discovers God as the good Shepherd in her life.

Guard against false teachers and teachings.

Picture: A photograph of an open Bible, placed on a wooden table.

Get tips on reading the Bible from John Wesley.

Picture: A man sits in his living room, coffee mug in his hands. He looks out at the peaceful landscape before him..

When a pastor wonders why he’s feeling sad, anxious and broken.

Picture: The book cover of our resource, titled What Difference Does God Make When I Feel Anxious?

Comfort from God’s word and practical tips.

We’re looking for young people to serve with us on a short-term basis.