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As we are not supported by one particular church or organisation, we rely solely on donations to produce our resources.

Every single contribution we receive, no matter the amount, means much to us.

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Every year, we distribute over 330,000 devotionals, Bible study materials and outreach resources at no charge. These have helped believers to draw closer to God daily, and helped seekers to discover the love of Christ. Our digital platforms, such as YMI, Biblical Wisdom for Parents, and Covid-19 site have also helped many to find biblical wisdom and encouragement in the challenges of growing up, parenting, and coping with changes.

Our online resources, such as this reading plan for those struggling emotionally, enable people to find strength, wisdom, and hope in the Word of God.

Our Daily Bread has encouraged me that God is in control. The insight page of the online Our Daily Bread is very helpful and uplifting.


Every quarter, we distribute at least 3,000 copies of Give Us This Day: Our Daily Bread for Families and Kids to children all over Singapore. Written by Singaporean contributors, this 31-day devotional helps them see God’s Word come alive in their daily lives, building the faith of our next generation.

Give Us This Day helps our little readers to enjoy reading God’s Word.

“Give Us This Day is awesome! I have learnt a lot about the Bible. It uses a lot of Bible verses that help to explain the story, and I have learnt a lot more Bible verses.”


Two booklets, written for youths, How Should I Stand Up To Bullies and What Difference Does God Make When I Feel Anxious, are being shared with school chaplains, youth workers, and parents to help teens cope with these common issues that many struggle with.

Our resources for youth address issues and concerns that they can identify with and care about.

“Thank you for producing these booklets. Cyberbullying affects 3 in 4 teens in Singapore, and the victims often suffer in silence. Bullying and anxiety are real issues that many teens encounter. This resource comes in useful in helping us minister to them.”

Laurent, Singapore Youth For Christ

About 57,000 copies of Our Daily Bread Large Print Edition are reaching the hands of seniors every year, helping them go to God’s Word every day even when their eyesight is failing. Your support enables us to make this edition available to them even though it is more costly to print and deliver.

The large-print version of Our Daily Bread enables older readers to keep digging into the Word of God, no matter where they are.

I am a retired 83-year old who is overwhelmed with love and gratitude to you and all who work for Our Daily Bread Ministries for all the biblical resources that you have sent to me.


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