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God calls us to be a light wherever we are, be it in our community or in the marketplace. Watch how hawker Madam Vivian Leong shares God’s love with her customers with outreach resources from Our Daily Bread Ministries.

God can use you where He has placed you, too! Whether you’re a worker, a student, a homemaker, or a retiree, you can be a bearer of the good news of God’s love for all.

Are you reaching out to seekers? Ministering to those in need of God’s Word? We can support you by providing you with suitable resources to strengthen your ministry.

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What requirements do I need to be an Outreach Partner?2021-01-24T14:46:22+08:00

There are no requirements! All you need is to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, and have a heart to share His love with others. We believe God can work through each one of us in wherever He places us.

How do I reach out to people as an Outreach Partner?2021-01-24T14:52:02+08:00

You can place our resources in your workplace or business for your colleagues, clients, or customers to pick up on their own. You can also give them personally to your contacts where appropriate.

How do I become an Outreach Partner?2021-01-24T14:53:36+08:00

Just give us a call at 6858 0900, or contact us with the form below and we will get in touch with you!

I haven’t done this before. What kind of training can you give me?2021-01-24T14:54:04+08:00

We can share with you some ideas and tips on where you can place the resources, and how to give out the materials.

How do I get the materials from Our Daily Bread Ministries?2021-01-24T14:54:30+08:00

Each quarter, we will send you resources that we have produced or are appropriate for the season.

How much material will you send me?2021-01-24T14:54:59+08:00

It depends on the opportunities you have to reach out to people. We will work together with you so that we can send you an appropriate quantity to meet your needs each quarter. If you run out of copies of a particular resource, you can always contact us to ask for more, or for other titles you find useful.

What if I need additional materials?2021-01-24T14:55:28+08:00

Just give us a call at 6858 0900 or email us at singapore@odb.org. We will be happy to send you more resources as long as we have stock available.

Can I choose which materials I would like to receive?2021-01-24T14:56:00+08:00

We generally send resources that we believe will be appropriate and useful, or new ones that we have produced just for the season. However, if you wish to receive other titles, please contact us.

Do I have to pay for the materials?2021-01-24T14:58:47+08:00

We do not charge for the materials. Our Daily Bread Ministries is a faith ministry and our work in Singapore is supported by donations from Singaporean Christians. You can give as the Lord leads you to.

Do I have to follow up with people I give the materials to?2021-01-24T14:58:42+08:00

We leave this up to you! You may feel prompted to talk to the reader or prefer to give him time to read it on his own. Our resources include details on how to contact Our Daily Bread Ministries so we can send readers other relevant materials. However, we encourage you to pray along with us, that the Lord will touch the life of every person who picks up the materials.

How long do I need to commit to being an Outreach Partner?2021-01-24T14:58:25+08:00

You can tell us when you want to stop anytime.

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