Thank you for supporting us in prayer! We rely on God’s grace to help people stay close to Him and His Word through our biblical resources. Please join us in prayer.


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Thank you so much for praying with us. Many of our readers have requested for our Easter resources, Windows on Easter and Give Us This Day Answers Your Questions about Good Friday and Easter. Here’s what some readers had shared:

“I have finished reading the book Windows on Easter by Bill Crowder. It’s a profound exposition of the meaning of Easter. Previously I did not realise and appreciate the immense suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I shed tears after reading this beautiful book.” —Molly

“I found Windows on Easter a most satisfying read. The author presented and explained the events related to the death and resurrection of our Saviour in a simple manner. His approach and interpretation were easy to relate as a believer. A recommended read to further strengthen our faith and life’s journey with our Creator.” —Edward

“My boy has autism and he benefited from this simple easy understanding booklet (Give Us This Day).” —Cindy

We seek your Prayers:

  • That readers and churches that took this resource, Give Us This Day Answers Your Questions about Good Friday and Easter will lead the young to be excited in reading and spending regular time in God’s Word.
  • That our recently launched new webpage Faith & Life at, help believers in their 30s to 50s relate their faith to their daily lives, at the workplace, and at home. Pray with us that many will be inspired and strengthened to lead godly lives wherever God has placed them.
  • That God will guide us in developing and sharing content for Seniors. As Singapore’s population ages, we seek to come up with more biblical resources to help seniors to run the race and finish well. Pray also that our new resource, Thinking About Heaven, which is available in June, will challenge and encourage many seniors.
  • That God will send godly and talented people to serve with us in the area of graphic designing and ministry relations services. For more details about our recruitment needs, do visit here.

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