How A Unique Job Offer Reminded Me
That Jesus Cares

Jasmine Goh

For two years, I worked as a freelance writer, editor, and trainer. The flexible schedule freed up my time for my husband—also a freelancer—and us to nurture our marriage as newlyweds and to go on overseas mission trips, and for me to grow my ministry to the special needs community.

Throughout this time, I trusted the Lord to provide for our needs. And He did.

Work flowed in regularly. I earned an income through writing, speaking, and conducting workshops. It was not a steady paycheck, but it was always sufficient. The special needs ministry was gaining some traction, and I was excited to see what God was going to do with it.

Then, in early 2020, I took on a part-time job, thinking that this would help me to focus on growing the ministry instead of juggling multiple activities. I did not expect that in a matter of months, this would become my household’s sole source of income. And I most certainly did not expect that I would be questioning the existence of my own ministry.

When Doubts Seeped In

As Singapore went into lockdown in April and all physical events and workshops were cancelled or put on hold, World Autism Awareness Day, internationally recognised on 2 April, was forgotten; instead, the plight of the poor, elderly, and migrant workers became the talking point among Singaporeans.

In the midst of those pressing needs, I knew that it was not the time for me to push my personal agenda, even if it was for a good cause like the special needs community. But I also started to wonder: Was this signalling the end of my ministry in special needs?

At the same time, the projects that my husband was working on came to a standstill, so his sources of income dried up. By June 2020, there was still no sign of things returning to normal. Clearly, it was going to be another month of dipping into our savings. He applied for government aid, and I contemplated applying for a full-time position so that we could have additional income.

I continued to believe that the Lord was providing for us. But I couldn’t help also asking myself: We had faithfully served the Lord, so why did we end up in this situation?

A Message from God

It was at this point that I read an article, “A Unique Job Offer”, on Our Daily Bread Ministries’ website. In it, the writer, Rebekah Vijayan, described the situation that Simon Peter found himself in after Jesus had gone to the cross (John 21:3). I found emotions welling up inside me as I read these lines:

For three years, he had followed Jesus. For three years, he had hoped that his investment of time and effort would guarantee his future. Yet now, all he was left with was an abundance of uncertainty. So, he made a decision to return to what he knew best—fishing.

I could identify with Peter’s uncertainty. As he grappled with the shame of denying Jesus three times as well as the death of his Lord which seemed to end their mission, Peter must have been wondering: Would he still be accepted as Jesus’ disciple? Had he failed in his mission to share the good news about Jesus?

In a way, I was also struggling with the embarrassment of a “failed” ministry. Like Peter, I wondered: Was I useless to God now? Would God still look after me?

Knowing God’s love and mercy, I knew it was silly of me to ask these questions. But, as I reflected on our situation and worried about barely making ends meet, I wondered if God really cared at all. Perhaps this was the same question Peter had as he pondered on his future: Does Jesus care what happens to me?

God's Assurance

Peter got his answer soon enough. In an unexpected twist of events, while he and his friends were fishing (and failing at it), Jesus called out to them from the shore. They landed and “saw a fire of burning coals there with fish on it, and some bread” (John 21:9).

Jesus prepared a meal for them to show that He cared for their physical needs. It reminded me too, that at the end of the day, it is the Lord who feeds me. He is not going to let me go hungry.

But Jesus knows that our spiritual beings need nourishment, too. And so, it was what Jesus did next that truly restored my soul—He told Simon Peter: “Follow me” (v.19).

It was a relief to hear those two words. Jesus still wanted Simon Peter—and me—to be His disciples. He still wants me, with or without earthly successes, in His kingdom. I was deeply comforted as I continued to read Rebekah’s gentle yet powerful words of encouragement:

In these times, as catastrophic world events and financial uncertainty take centrestage, we have security in knowing that our call to follow Christ is a non-retractable offer. Earthly jobs may fail us and our bank accounts may go empty, but we know that our future rests securely in knowing that we serve One who cares for our every need.

In times of certainty, it is easy to trust that God is here looking after us. But it is during times of uncertainty that Jesus’ invitation to follow Him becomes a precious reminder that He cares.

About Jasmine Goh

As an 18-year-old who was constantly on her phone, Jasmine's life changed when God reached out to her through a text message. Since then, she is of the opinion that God is way more tech-savvy than He lets on. After 8 years in the media industry, Jasmine now writes for Our Daily Bread Ministries.

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