Evangelism: Reaching Out Through Relationships

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Evangelism: Reaching Out Through Relationships

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Evangelism: Reaching Out Through Relationships shows how you can share the gospel message with your mouth and your actions to attract unbelievers to the true Source of our hope.

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(1 customer review)
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1 review for Evangelism: Reaching Out Through Relationships

  1. wongckb (verified owner)

    In this booklet, Christian author Jack Kuhatschek talks about the role of the church (i.e. God’s people) in evangelism, which happens to be at the heart of Christianity. The opening chapter focuses on the definition of Christianity as a relational faith, and how he personally came to a saving faith in Christ. In a sense, the first chapter provides a good introduction on ‘What is Christianity?’

    The second chapter talks about the ‘Who’ in Christianity, as in ‘Who do Christians follow?’ The answer is none other than Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. The author also covers the importance of unity in the church, and how this impacts evangelism.

    The third chapter zooms in on ‘How’ one Christian community in Austin, Texas approaches evangelism in their neighborhood, and the success that it has been blessed with in its outreach efforts.

    The fourth chapter places emphasis on ‘Why’ it is important for Christians to live in community, and also the rationale of setting up smaller ‘Home Groups’. This reminded me of a passage of scripture from 1 Corinthians 12, which is about how believers need each other.

    The final chapter is a call to action with regards to evangelism, as in ‘When should evangelism take place?’ The answer is now, where we are at. The author stresses the importance and urgency of evangelism, and ends with a quote from Matthew 5 on how believers can be a light in this world.

    I would recommend this booklet to believers new to the Christian faith, who wish to learn how and why evangelism is a cornerstone in their walk with God.

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