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Finishing Well: Eight Ways to Age Gracefully

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Finishing Well: Eight Ways to Age Gracefully

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How well we end our earthly days depends largely on how well we handle the inevitable changes of life. This booklet takes a look at the mental and spiritual adjustments needed to travel life’s road, drawing fresh insights from Scripture and biblical examples to help you discover how you can finish well.

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(1 customer review)
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1 review for Finishing Well: Eight Ways to Age Gracefully

  1. Cs Tan

    Thank you for providing these books which comes in timely.
    Perhaps you may wish to convert these material in E- book format which makes it easy for people who love to read electronically instead of hard copy.

    You may also wish to tie up with National library Singapore which has arrangements with Libbys app to enlist your books/ materials in E- format for readers to borrow n read electronically.

    This way, you can reach out to more Singaporeans n residents ( permanent or migrants ) who have signed up ( FREE) to be a registered National Library member. And thro National Library app…, one has access to the international Libby’s app too.

    Hope and pray that you will explore

    God bless you all for your diligence n dedication to spread his precious WORD and encouragement to all.

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