The short answer to these questions is Yes. And this is because the Bible ultimately comes from God. While the words in the Bible were written by people, all the content was inspired by God. It was God who taught and prompted the writers to pen down exactly what he wanted to tell us.

If the idea seems strange, perhaps you can consider this: the Bible is actually made up of 66 books, written by around 40 people from different cultures and nations over a span of about 1,500 years. They recorded the events of their day, their interactions with God, and what they saw of God and his works. Yet, despite the number of people and the great timespan involved, all the books are consistent in their portrayal of God, his love for man, and his plan for the universe. This would have been very difficult to achieve if the Bible’s contents were made up by people. And although the Bible is not a history textbook, many things mentioned in it have since been proven accurate by modern archaeology.

You may, of course, find some parts of the Bible challenging to understand. This is normal! There will be many new, unfamiliar ideas and words. Over time, however, as you read and study it, you will begin to understand it better. Some parts have also been interpreted differently by various Bible teachers and scholars, and continue to be debated today. These, however, are usually peripheral issues: there is no uncertainty when it comes to the fundamental truths about God and how we are saved by Jesus’ death and resurrection.