10 specially-selected Our Daily Bread articles, written by Singaporean authors.

Since the first issue was rolled out in April 1956, Our Daily Bread has become a cornerstone of Our Daily Bread Ministries. The pocket-sized devotional, with its inspiring illustrations of biblical truths, is a well-loved Quiet Time accompaniment for millions of readers.

Over the years, local Christians have contributed to Our Daily Bread, adding diversity and flavours from our nation to the devotional. We share with you specially-selected 10 Our Daily Bread articles, written by Singaporean authors. We pray that they will help you draw close to God as you continue in your daily walk with Him.

A concept imagery, containing a deck of cards laid out. Each card displays an item which is something people strive for in life, such as credit cards, cash, cars, condominiums, etc.

Five Cs or Two Gs

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A human silhouette dressed in robes, reminiscent of the figure of Christ Jesus, has a name tag on his chest, with the following words written, "Hello, I am Who I am".


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A queue forms at the ATM.

True Security

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Two members of the Boy's Brigade in Singapore help to carry boxes containing various items for donation.

He Made Us Rich

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People making their way via travelators.

World’s Fastest Walkers

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A PVC string lazy chair in a living room. This scene is reminiscent of many Singapore housing flats in the 80's.

My Personal Space

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Two neighbours stand at the corridor of their HDB flats to have a chit-chat.

Divided in Love

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A Khong Guan biscuit tin placed bedside. In Singapore's past, elderly folks stored their cash into such containers.

The Greatest Treasure

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A lone figure walks along a beach shoreline in Sentosa. Coconut trees fill the beach.

Taking the Right Step

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A hand holding a coin drops it into a HDB-shaped money box.

Worldly Gains

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