Did you read the recently-published story of a man who gave up a successful career to sell roasted suckling pigs in Singapore? Christian Nacilla Calledo, a Filipino, was highly successful in his job as an insurance agent, but found it too tiring and stressful. So five years ago, he quit and set up a food outlet selling Cebu’s famous dish lechon, or roasted suckling pigs. It was a tough job, but it was something he loved.

Calledo’s story resonates with me. Years ago, I found myself in a similar situation as a regular officer in the Singapore Armed Forces. Though I was motivated by my job in the military, I had the same thoughts as Calledo. I was then serving as a volunteer in a Christian youth organisation, and I wanted to do more for the Lord with my life. It was a desire I had harboured since I was 18, when I felt challenged at a youth camp I attended to make my life count for Christ.

But I was not as courageous as Calledo. Leaving a well-paid military job to serve in full-time ministry would have been a risky move, especially as my wife and I had just had our first newborn son. I needed God to grant me faith to trust in Him to provide for us.

God did exactly that. My wife not only supported me fully in my desire to serve Him full-time, but even persuaded my parents, who were non-believers then, to agree and give their approval. Over the following years, full-time ministry work proved not always to be an easy road, but I learnt much about what it truly means to trust in God wholeheartedly.

To be sure, not all of us are called to serve God full-time. But I believe that each of us is called to serve Him in our own circumstances and capacity, using whatever talents and gifts that He has granted us. We can serve Him wherever He has placed us.

And what’s more, we don’t have to do it with our own strength: God will provide for us, giving us the strength, courage, and resources to glorify His name. He will be with us, just as He promised Joshua when He commanded him to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land: “Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9).

Many times, I have been reminded that God is no man’s debtor (Romans 11:35). He does not owe us anything for serving Him. Yet He, in His bountiful grace, is all too ready to provide for us throughout the journey.

And that has been so true in my life. God has enabled my wife and I to raise three fine sons who love the Lord, and recently blessed me with a grandson. Our family needs have always been adequately met.

God has given me His purposes for my life, and enabled me to serve Him. What about you?


Lord, please show me what are Your purposes for me.
And grant me the courage and faith to serve You,
knowing You will provide for me to do so.


True satisfaction in life is found
in God’s purpose for our lives.


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