How It All Started

The story of Our Daily Bread Ministries began in America in 1938, when Dr. M. R. DeHaan, a Bible teacher, started teaching Bible classes on the radio. Originally called the Detroit Bible Class, the radio program was later renamed Radio Bible Class. At the same time he was preaching, M. R. DeHaan also started to edit a devotional called Our Daily Bread.

This fledgling ministry became RBC Ministries. In 2015, it would take on its current name, Our Daily Bread Ministries, reflecting the popularity of its flagship devotional. Today, we have offices in more than 35 countries, distributing over 60 million resources in over 40 languages in 150 countries.

In Singapore, as early as the 1950s, Christians were beginning to hear about this new devotional, with its engaging illustrations and pithy reflections on God’s Word. Some began subscribing to it, receiving it directly from the United States.

Around 1991, Albert Lee, then the National Director of Singapore Youth For Christ (SYFC), was looking for good biblical resources to help Christians read the Bible regularly. Seeing the potential of saving postage costs by distributing Our Daily Bread locally, Albert contacted the ministry in US. Bulk copies of the devotional were sent over, and volunteers from SYFC helped to sort and pack them for local distribution.

This marked the beginning of a partnership that would culminate in the birth of what is today Our Daily Bread Ministries Singapore. On 28 October 1996, RBC Ministries Asia Ltd was officially registered, and since then, God has provided for us in great and wonderful ways to bring the life-changing wisdom of His Word to people in Singapore.

How We Went Local

Over the past 25 years, our Singapore office has focused on reaching out to believers and seekers here. This means producing biblical resources that speak into the lives of Singaporeans, engage them on things that matter to Singaporeans, and help them understand and apply the truths of God’s Word in a local context.

This has seen the development of more locally-written content, translations into local languages, audio resources in dialect, and video testimonies of Singaporean believers. These efforts have resulted in resources that go far beyond local shores: today, our Chinese editorial team produces content for Chinese-speaking audiences around the world, while our English content is shared with many countries both globally and regionally.

In obeying the call to share the good news with all, we also began producing outreach materials to tell others about the life-changing gospel. These materials are used by our Outreach Partners and mission-minded readers in the marketplace. At the same time, churches around Singapore have also come on board to partner us in sharing our materials with their congregations.

How We’re Serving Readers of All Ages

With the growth of the digital space, Our Daily Bread Ministries continually seeks to seize new opportunities and tap emerging technologies to reach out to more people with God’s wisdom. More and more of our materials are being shared digitally through different digital media, such as video, audio, graphics, websites, and mobile apps, so that people can access our resources anywhere, anytime.

Technology has enabled us to reach out to many more people and newer generations of readers, who prefer to engage with us online. In 2008, our young adults arm, YMI, was set up to reach out to young people on a digital platform. In 2019, we also started producing devotionals written specially for younger children, as well as timely, relevant resources on biblical parenting.

At the same time, we continue to recognise the needs of our more senior readers, who may prefer the familiarity of the printed word. Hence, we have been investing more in large-print materials and focusing on producing biblical resources that address the particular needs and challenges faced by seniors in their spiritual journey.

At the heart of these varied resources is our belief that families, and people of all ages, need customised biblical resources that speak to their specific needs in these times of change and uncertainty.

Over the years, we have witnessed God’s faithfulness and provision in our ministry in Singapore. He has sent us many brothers and sisters in Christ, whose financial, material, and personal support enable us to continue in this mission that God has given us. We pray that you, too, will join and partner us to share the Good News and make the life-changing wisdom of the Bible available and accessible to all.