Quarantined? In Isolation?

Whether you’re at home or in a quarantine facility, being isolated is tough. Worry, frustration, loneliness, claustrophobia, boredom . . . you may find yourself going through all these emotions over the next few days.

And, if you’re taking care of a child who needs to be isolated, your challenges will probably multiply. Not only will you have to cope with your own emotions, but you may also be worrying about how to keep a bored, hyperactive child occupied.

How can you turn to God in such a challenging time? How can you find comfort and strength in His Word? In our “Covid Recovery Pack”, you’ll find specially-chosen resources to help you stay close to God and draw on His strength and patience over the next few days.

“Do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
—Isaiah 41:10

Covid Recovery Pack

Resources to help you find strength

How Long, O Lord?


Stuck in isolation, you’re probably wondering: When will all this be over? How long more can I take this?

What you need

Patience, hope in God

Find strength

In this article, discover how you can pour out your heart to God openly and honestly, and find strength and comfort in His unfailing love.

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Isolated, But Not Alone

7-day Devotional

Being isolated can make you feel cut-off from the world, family, friends . . . and life in general. The Bible, however, reminds us that we are never alone.

What you need

Assurance of God’s presence

Find strength

Let this devotional help you find timeless, powerful truths about God’s promises to always be with you, as you spend time reflecting on His Word.

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How To Pray When You Feel _______.

8-day Reading Plan

Have you run out of words for prayer? Are your emotions so deep and intense, that you just can’t seem to find the words to share them with God?

What you need

Words to help you talk to God

Finding strength

Dig into the book of Psalms in this reading plan, and discover Spirit-inspired words that express your deepest feelings and thoughts to the Creator who understands exactly how you feel—and who is always ready to listen and give you His comfort and strength.

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Music: How To Pray When You Feel _______.

Spotify Music Playlist

When you can’t get out or resume your daily routine, minutes can turn into hours and days can seem to take forever to pass.

What you need

Music to help you focus on God

Finding strength

Tune into our curated collection of Christian songs, let the soothing music fill the room, and let the words of praise and worship bring peace and joy to your soul.

Listen to Songs

Psalm 121


In a challenging situation like this, you can’t help but sometimes wonder: Where is God? Does He know what I’m going through?

What you need

Reminder of God’s presence

Finding strength

Download this lockscreen for your phone, and let it be a constant reminder that the loving Father is watching over you every minute, every hour, and every day.

Download Lockscreen

For Kids

Have Some Fun!

Fun Activities for Kids

Helping a young one cope with isolation can be a real challenge. How can you keep a hyperactive or bored child busy?

What you need

Activities for children

Finding strength

Keep children occupied and help them express their creativity and feelings with these word games, puzzles, and activities.

Download Activity Sheets (952 KB)

Fun with Scripture

Scripture-Based Activities for Kids

How can you encourage children to turn to God and depend on Him? How can you make it fun for them to learn Bible verses that will give them assurance and comfort?

What you need

Creative ways to learn the Bible

Finding strength

Help your child learn and savour God’s promises and prayers that they can say with Scripture-based word games.

Download Activity Sheets (1.1 MB)

Just Keep Reading!

Online Books for Children

These long hours of quiet and isolation might well offer an opportunity to develop a reading habit in your child.

What you need

Books that kids will love

Finding strength

Check out this collection of Scripture-based picture books and comics, and devotionals written specially for young ones. Books available for ages 4-7, and ages 7 and above.

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3 Ways to Help Your Child Survive Covid-19 Home Isolation


It can be tough for young ones to understand why they need to be isolated, and to cope with the boredom. But this challenging time might offer an opportunity to teach children about God.

What you need

Ideas to help your child cope with isolation

Finding strength

In this article, discover how you can explain the need for isolation, help your child turn to God during this challenging time, and even learn to build a stronger relationship with Him.

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How To Talk To Your Children About… Disease


Disease can be frightening for young ones who don’t understand what it’s all about. Help them address questions such as “Why do people get sick?” and “Will God cure me?”

What you need

Practical tips to teach your child

Finding strength

Help your child understand why we get sick and how we can rely on God with this article written specially for parents.

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